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For sale land of 200 acres - on Alexandria Road ​The land is located on the Alexandria-Cairo desert road, with a length of approximately one kilometer, directly on the road in the Nubaria area. - It has a covered sewage network - Drip irrigation network at the highest level of agricultural technology, working with computers and automatic hydraulic valves. It is surrounded by jazorina trees as a windbreak. It is surrounded by a brick building. It overlooks three roads, one of them perpendicular to the Alexandria-Cairo Desert Road On-the-ground projects: 1)​ A refrigerator for storing fruits, vegetables, meat and fish: on an area of ​​an acre. Divided into 16 rooms, each room has an area of ​​170 meters, with a storage capacity of 7500 tons. The storage capacity of 600 tons is separated between the rooms. The rooms are distributed as follows: ​ - 4 cold and freezing rooms. - 8 cold rooms operated by a fire control device - 3 cold rooms - 1 cooling room equipped with a pre-cooling system (the first cooling) Each room is independent of operation (2)- Each room has its own refrigeration unit, in addition to an additional unit that works in case the main unit malfunctions - Attached to the refrigerator is an administrative building consisting of two floors, ground and top, 3 rooms. A workshop room for equipment maintenance at the top of the building. - Attached to the external Ramba refrigerator for loading and unloading transport vehicles, as well as mobile refrigerators. Refrigeration equipment and devices from France. A building for generators that operate in the event of a power outage. 2) The nursery:- A nursery for the production of banana seedlings produced from tissues as well as types of seedlings (grape - strawberry - palm) A) A cooled and warmed greenhouse for a nursery for seedlings on two acres. B) 15 greenhouses with soil, the area of ​​​​the greenhouse is acres. - Each of the greenhouses has an independent irrigation network operating with an automatic control system - Attached to the tempering greenhouses, a water desalination plant and water purifiers. The greenhouses have a production capacity of 500,000 seedlings per cycle. 3) Fruitful crops covering an area of ​​173 acres: ​- 50 acres of film seedless grapes - 20 acres of grapevine grapes- 50 acres of summer orange – 9 acres of plum. 4) Private villa: an area of ​​two acres. ​- Villa buildings on 500 meters ​- Building for servants 80 meters ​- Garage for three cars ​- Garden and swimming pool ​- The villa is surrounded by a fence and gate- Super Lux finishes 5) Administrative and residential buildings for workers on an area of ​​​​acres: - 3 buildings 6) the roads

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Country : Egypt

Governorate : Cairo

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  • Property Type Farm & Ranch - Agricultural Land,Mix Farm,Poultry farm,Greenhouses
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