Property Description

**Ancient property in Alexandria for SALE** Details: *Area: 780 square meters *License: The division case papers are available, including the allocation of the building to the owners *Content: 6 floors, 43 apartments, 9 shops of different sizes (there are no vacant units) **Required price: 150 million EG[ (for owners only and residents are the responsibility of the buyer)** Alexandria has generally been marked by a cultural contrast inherent in the city's location - extending along a patch of land back to Egypt and face to the Mediterranean. Throughout most of its history, Alexandria has remained a cosmopolitan city, belonging as much - or perhaps more - to the wider Mediterranean world as to its hinterland. However, the city's revival in the 19th century profoundly changed the city's identity. With the significant increase in agricultural exports, the influx of indigenous Egyptians into the city, and the formation and integration of the Egyptian state, Alexandria became more closely linked to the Nile Valley than ever before. As a result, it has also become the center of an emerging Egyptian national consciousness.

Property Location

Country : Egypt

Governorate : Alexandria

Property Details

  • Property Type Building - antique style
  • Property ForFor Sale
  • Facing North,South
  • Finishing Status Fully Finished
  • Preview north and south
  • Number Of Floors 6
  • Real Estate License Resdential

Property Life Style

  • Historic Home