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1991- 1996

Our History 1991--1996 ALMOHAGER Real Estate Company was established January 1, 1991 at 32 El-Nozha Street, Ard El-Golf - Heliopolis - as a specialized real estate brokerage company covering Heliopolis, Nasr City, Maadi and Zamalek.

1997 - 2002

The company expanded and extended its coverage to the areas of Mohandessin, 6th of October, Ain Sokhna and the North Coast, and the company’s website was established.

2003 - 2008

The company opened a new branch in New Cairo, and in a short time the company won a respectable share of the real estate market despite keeping pace with this period of the recession that the global economy went through.

2009- 2014

The third branch of the company was opened in Ain Sokhna, and the immigrant merged with Remax International to be Remax the immigrant and to start a new phase and the system of work of real estate marketing companies in Egypt would change forever - and it was a boom period in the real estate market despite the revolution of January 25, 2011 and what followed it Unstable political and economic conditions.

2015 -2020

2015 - 2020 (beginning from 2012 to 2020, the company topped the first positions for the highest sales level in Egypt at the level of all Remax companies in Egypt - and a new branch was opened for the company in the Mohandessin area. The company's customer base reached 426000 customers who are the product of 30 years of activity and experience.

2020 - 2023

From 2020-2023 despite the world passing through the Corona pandemic, the company has doubled its efforts to pass these conditions with the least possible negative impact. Indeed, RE/MAX ALMOHAGER was able to overcome the crisis and achieve good results, and the company established a new sector within the company for new projects and the company continues Opening new markets inside and outside Egypt.

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Number One Globally


We are #1 in the world Brand Awareness 16.3 Average Transactions

$120,400 Average Commission

#1 Global Home Sales in over 110 Countries & Territories We Have the Most Popular Brand & Highest Advertising Volume From Video & TV to Radio & Digital & Sponsor of Local Contests And global, charitable work and more.

The immigrant Re/Max name works for you. WE ARE AROUND THE WORLD BEING THE BIGGEST RE/MAX GLOBAL NETWORK: We have over 850,000 RE/MAX real estate listings Our websites are translated into nearly 50 languages ​​Listings can be displayed in over 65 currencies Our visitors come from over 227 countries GLOBAL.REMAX.COM OUR PROPERTIES Residential is the most upscale and luxurious. Distinguished Brand Professional Education Worldwide Reach Personal Guidance


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The biggest trademark

عقاراتنا السكنية هى الأكثر رقيا و فخامة. علامة تجارية مميزة التعليم المتخصص الوصول في جميع أنحاء العالم الإرشاد الشخصي REMAX.COM/LUXURY عقاراتنا التجارية RE / MAX

لدينا 36000 وسيط عقارى متخصصون فى العقارات التجارية في جميع قطاعات السوق. حجم عملياتنا المنفذة فى بيع و تأجير العقارات التجارية 14.6 مليار دولار 665+ فرع لريماكس هو عدد الفروع المتخصصة فى العقارات التجارية.

73 من البلدان تمثل ريماكس فى مجال العقارات التجارية التجاري RE / MAX REMAXCOMMERCIAL.COM نملك التكنولوجيا تقدم ALMOHAGER RE / MAX الأدوات والتقنيات والتدريب التي يمكن أن تساعد على مواصلة التركيز على تقديم خدمة عملاء فائقة. نحن نحقق المعجزات على مدار الـ 27 عامًا الماضية ، ساعد وكلاء RE / MAX أطفال ®Me Miracle Network Hospitals® في دعم ملايين الأطفال كل عام في أكثر من 170 مستشفى. 100٪ من هذه التبرعات من أموال وكلاء RE / MAX.


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Benefits of the RE/MAX Global Network:

  • An Experienced Agent you can count on.
  • Your home may be your biggest personal investment. ... A Trusted Advisor at your side.
  • Marketing to attract more buyers.
  • Outstanding Results for you. ... Making a difference in the Community.

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عقاراتنا السكنية هى الأكثر رقيا و فخامة. علامة تجارية مميزة التعليم المتخصص الوصول في جميع أنحاء العالم الإرشاد الشخصي REMAX.COM/LUXURY

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Average commission income for RE/MAX designees in the U.S. $120,400*

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