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It's that easy! You are able to maintain your real estate activity as it is and stop paying thousands of pounds each month for advertising real estate site fees and social media campaigns. Imagine the income that can accumulate from simply receiving referrals of sellers, buyers, renters and renters on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

There is no advance cost or obligation to join.

Simply pay the referral fee once the transaction is closed.

Stay in your mediation business

Keep your job with your current broker, and we will send sellers referrals to enthusiastic buyers looking for properties in the best places.

Get Serious Customers

We do not sell potential customers. Instead, agent lists are displayed on the profile page to help buyers and sellers decide which agent to choose when they are ready

Win with Partner

Take advantage of the number one brokerage site in Egypt first class customers, at no advance cost - pay only when the transaction closes


Corporate owners?

If you are inquiring on behalf of your brokerage company, fill out the form below and we will contact you about partnership opportunities with your office.

Agent Requirements

✓ No less than two years of real estate experience and a good reputation.

✓ You'll get your agreed share of completing deals.

✓ Excellence proven based on our customers' questionnaires

Listen to partners' agents

My life changed after I became a partner with and my career grew. I have doubled my transactions and sales, I receive referrals constantly from, and I have evolved from a sales representative to a trusted real estate consultant. I live the life I've always dreamed of with ease and confidence.

Better together

Real estate agents are prepared for success when they engage with


Brighter light

More than one hundred thousand potential sellers and sellers visit our site and app every day. is the largest brokerage site in Egypt, giving you incredible exposure to new customers


Well-established Client base

More than 3,400 customers have purchased and/or sold homes with partner agent’s


High scores for partner agents

93% of customers who have contracted recommend their friends to a partner agent

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my brokerage company to join the Remax Migrant Partners Program?

No, that's the whole idea. You can continue your work at the current brokerage company. You'll only get additional referral work from the as well

Can I work in a team with other agents?

Yes, if you are currently working within a team structure, we allow up to 3 members per team, all of whom must be experienced real estate brokers.To apply as a team, please make sure each member's information is sent. Please note that we do not consider transaction coordinators or administrative assistants.

Will I receive referrals from the seller and buyer?

Yes, depending on market conditions. There will be referrals from buyers and sellers.

What are my financial obligations to the program?

This is the payment program at close, which means there is no obligation or advance cost. Once the transaction closes, the will take a referral fee and your brokerage will receive the rest of the buyer's or seller's total commission.

How many referrals can I expect?

The number of referrals will vary by market, season, offers and total Client orders through our website.

Can use my pre-existing Client ratings instead of submitting new survey requests?

Unfortunately, no It's very good to have reviews through websites or other brokerages, but we'll still need to send a quick four-question survey to your customers directly. The value we place on their satisfaction is one of the biggest reasons why they attract us.

Can I notify customers of the questionnaire?

Absolutely. We encourage you to give customers an alert that a questionnaire is coming to them from Nile Estate. Com so they can follow him. However, we don't want your customers to feel pressured when writing a review, so motivating or influencing them is unacceptable.

What happens if the client writes a negative review?

We understand that everyone can't be happy with everything all the time. We allow our partner agents to respond to reviews on our website in a professional manner, and we are confident that you will have enough positive reviews to maintain your star rating.

What does do with the customer's email addresses?

Client ratings are the backbone of our referral program, and part of this commitment is to protect Client information. We only use customers' email addresses to send our brief questionnaire, and we will only re-send a survey if you ask us to. We will never ask your customers or send them marketing emails from

How many agents are in every district?

We aim to have an average of 3-5 partner agents operating in each region. However, we may bring more partners whenever and where customers' demand is high.

What areas can I cover?

We establish your coverage area where most deals have closed in the last 12 months. In this way, we ensure customers contact with a partner agent who knows the local area better. We may send referrals in additional areas at the customer's request.

What if the is not in my area yet?

We're expanding into new markets all the time! If you are interested in joining the Partner Program, we still want to apply! We will keep your information handy and contact you when we need your help.

If I am an administrative broker, can I send referrals to other agents?

No, we do not allow agents or intermediaries to "sub-refer" to other agents. When we refer a Client to you, we expect you to be the agent who works with that client. To work with other agents, you can apply to become a team Partner Agent.

What's the difference between Agent and Partner Agent? agents are partners in Remax Migrant, the company that owns the site, while Partner's agents remain in their existing brokerage companies and receive referral work from

How do I start?

Check our requirements above, then submit here. Within 72 hours, we will review everything and contact you to talk about the next steps.

Where can I get more information about becoming a agent?

Visit our job site to learn more about how to become a real estate agent.

Let's get started.

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