Send the referral and earn commission

If you work in any profession and there are people around you who are interested in buying, selling or renting real estate.. You can offer our services to them and send a summary, even if simple, about their real estate needs through the referral program.. And earn 25% commission for any sale, purchase or rental transaction or rent them out.

Open lucrative opportunities with Referral section

Management of referrals facilitates all referral agents Referral program across Egypt to refer buyers, tenants, sellers and lenders and earn commission.

The referral department registers and classifies each referral on the daily referral schedule and assigns an agent from Remax migrant agents whose specialization and expertise suit your client's needs to serve him best. You can rest assured that your referrals are well looked after and placed with an experienced agent who cares and works hard to meet their needs and leave a good trace on them.

We try to ensure your customer's satisfaction. You do not need to be a full-time real estate broker or real estate broker to benefit from this service.

Any agent registered through the Referral Department's Referral program can obtain:

- Agents receive a commission of 25% on trades made.

- Eliminate the risks of placing a social media referral! Referral section offers a personal service that is not available via social media.

We deliberate with as many specialized agents as possible to ensure that your client has the right agent with the expertise and ability to provide the level of service required and expected and deserved by you and your customers. You will receive updates and follow-ups on the steps of working with your customer and make sure you receive referral fees when you make successful deals.