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How to become an international real estate agent

Some real estate brokers have the ambition to develop and develop the skills of selling real estate by expanding the international real estate market. Selling real estate to a larger audience can increase revenue and get the chance to explore other communities and cultures in other parts of the world.

Being an international real estate agent may be a good professional choice for your career future if you're interested in learning more about international brokerage, regional market conditions and selling real estate abroad.


What is an international real estate agent?

The international real estate agent is a real estate agent who works to help customers buy homes or expand their business around the world. The international real estate broker has ink in global real estate, currency and exchange rates, intercultural relations and investment performance.

International real estate agents can operate primarily in the country in which they reside or can choose to travel to other countries when finding and facilitating customer real estate deals. For example, an international real estate agent living in Egypt can live in Egypt and help clients from outside Egypt find properties across Egypt or can help customers find properties in other countries depending on their requests and wishes.

What do international real estate agents do?

How to become an international real estate agent

Here are the steps involved in becoming an international real estate agent:

- Continuing to learn

The first step to becoming an international real estate agent is to make sure you get real estate lessons and training because courses provide you with a more extensive background in most areas of real estate such as real estate valuation, brokerage, marketing, law and investment. We at RE/MAX ALMOHAGER REAL ESTATE guarantee you a scientific path that is the oldest and most advanced locally and globally.

- Work within an experienced and licensed company

Before becoming an international real estate agent you must work in real estate through a licensed company with expertise.

- Gain experience

After joining a licensed and experienced real estate entity such as RE/MAX ALMOHAGER REAL ESTATE it is useful to gain experience in the local market and expand your network as much as possible before working in international real estate. Gaining experience allows you to teach more experienced agents to acquire your marketing skills and talk to people with experience in the international residential and commercial market. With experience as a successful local agent you are likely to succeed in working on international real estate.


- Get your CIPS certificate

In order to obtain your international license, you must take Certified International Real Estate Specialist (CIPS) certification courses, which is certified in this field. Once you have obtained your certificate, it is valid for three years. Below are the steps required to obtain your CIPS certificate?

- Courses: There are five eight-hour courses in the certificate. The two courses requested address local markets in global real estate and transaction tools. The other three courses are optional courses focused on selling real estate in specific regions of the world such as Europe, Asia or the Americas.

- Application: Once the courses are completed, you fill out a request in several categories to measure your efficiency in international real estate. Each category earns a certain number of points and needs 100 points to obtain the certificate.

- Payment: When you place your order, you also offer a payment covering the cost of application fees and membership dues. At RE/MAX ALMOHAGER REAL ESTATE, we offer you opportunities to join Remax University, which has more than 110 specializations in real estate.

- Choose a specific area

When you start your career internationally think about choosing a particular area of the world that matters to you. Choosing a particular field allows you to understand the culture and customs of that region and gives you the opportunity to travel and communicate in that area and focus on the customer base and real estate opportunities in that area once you prove yourself and find success in one location you can expand your business to other regions of the world.


- Being a network with other agents

As an international real estate agent, it can be helpful to communicate with other individuals near where you are looking to do real estate work. For example, if you are interested in selling homes in France consider signing up for conferences and events in different German cities. You may be able to attend some of these events online while others may involve travelling to the same country to attend the event. Communicating allows you to meet other influential people in that part of the world and create connections that may turn you into potential customers or offer you real opportunities. We at RE/MAX ALMOHAGER REAL ESTATE provide you with direct communication with the best real estate agents in more than 115 countries through the RE/MAX Global Network. All RE/MAX brokers in the world are located with their personal information and real estate that they market on and we guarantee you a secure working relationship with all real estate agents (150,000 real estate agents) around the world.

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