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With decades of experience working with real estate clients, RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management , it is the obvious choice to manage everything from property marketing and maintenance to management and accounting. With unparalleled experience in this industry, we are committed to working with you to grow and increase the value of your property.

Rental property is one of the best income-generating assets in the Egyptian real estate market. You buy a residential or commercial property, rent it to tenants and make it an appropriate income.

However, there are a lot of factors to get a successful rental-based real estate business run. Not only do you have to ensure a regular environment for tenants but you also have to take care of repairs, maintenance and related issues. RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management is a place where long-term utilization of property management services in Egypt can benefit you.

From checking tenants and collecting rents to managing property and financial records, a property manager can take responsibility for maintaining a range of tasks. We will discuss the property management service and the benefits it entails for you, as a landlord.

What is real estate management?

Property management is concerned with the supervision of a residential, administrative or commercial real estate asset. The property can be an apartment, villa or commercial space such as shopping malls and administrative offices. The main objective of providing this service is to facilitate investment in real estate for investors so that they can focus on other aspects of their business. The property manager therefore overlooks the operation, control and maintenance of the property to preserve its value and generate income.

How can the Department of RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management help you?

Property managers are appointed by investors and landlords to manage property leases. From creating budgets and doing real estate marketing to checking tenants, these professionals will be responsible for running the rental business smoothly. This is a summary of some of the duties and responsibilities of the real estate managers of RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management:

- Rent Management

RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management property managers will be responsible for filling properties and vacant periods by searching for individuals, families or companies that will be the ideal tenant. They also ensure that tenants' profile complies with customary (if any) requirements when renting property. This is achieved by checking the credit score, criminal history, etc for tenants. If necessary, they will also visit the tenant's place of work to confirm their employment status.

- Rent Pricing

Another aspect of property management is the determination of the property's rental value. This requires a strong understanding of Egypt's real estate market and the situation of neighboring and similar properties. Our property managers think about rent guidance and devise a way to collect rent from tenants. Verify whether tenants have paid utility bills or maintenance fees as part of their tasks.

- Property inspection

To keep you up to date on issues related to maintenance and repairs, property managers at RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management will inspect your property regularly. Not only do they monitor safety, they will also examine your property from different perspectives such as pest control, architecture, electricity, land scape, etc.

Renovation of facilities and cleaning of furniture and curtains is also part of property management and inspection services. They are made either during the tenant's transition (i.e. when the tenant leaves the property and the new tenant is waiting) or whenever necessary.

We guarantee tenant-friendly conditions and hassle-free property management for you

- Provision of legal services

Having a good knowledge of the laws governing real estate management in the Arab Republic of Egypt is very important in real estate management companies. From leaseholder inspection and verification to dispute resolution, a good real estate management company will deal with the legal aspects of leasehold properties on your behalf. We have lawyers specializing in real estate.

- Financial records management and retention

Another important responsibility for property managers in RE/MAX ALMOHAGER Property Management in Egypt is to formulate and manage the budget. Focus on operational costs and contingency allocation to create a monthly or annual budget.

As we handle the budget we maintain cash flow on your behalf, we have real estate managers who are also good at keeping books. This will ensure a strong and transparent relationship between you and your tenants. In addition, keeping financial records such as income and expenses, repair and insurance costs, utility invoices, property inspections, rent collection, etc., will help you provide trouble-free annual taxes.

- We will follow up periodically on your property throughout the contract period.

- Can be planned in the long term

Setting long-term goals and developing strategies is essential in successfully running a lease-based real estate business. We are able to identify gaps and provide appropriate solutions to them. Reducing unnecessary expenses while ensuring proper maintenance and repair of property is a feature of an effective manager.

- Marketing

Whether it's finding new tenants or selling real estate, a property management specialist with experience in real estate marketing will deal efficiently. Apart from property valuation and consulting services, we provide perfect coverage via advertising channels, prints, exhibitions and online advertising through multiple tools. We will answer customers' inquiries, update information according to each time and duration, and all the ml is needed to revive your property.

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