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RE/MAX is the largest real estate marketing company in the world

Re/Max Al Mohajer Real Estate Marketing Company is considered one of the largest real estate companies operating in Egypt, and with this merger, employees at Re/Max Al Mohajer will achieve a set of advantages that are not available to workers in other companies.

1. RE/MAX is the largest real estate marketing company in the world, so its employees enjoy the trust of clients from all over the world, nationalities and ages. Which will have the greatest impact on increasing the number of customers and concluding a greater number of deals as a result of customers’ knowledge of Re/Max or their previous dealings with the company’s branches outside Egypt, especially since the number of branches outside Egypt is about 8,000 branches in more than 118 countries.

2. The largest client base has been established over thirty years (owners, tenants, residential, coastal, recreational, commercial, administrative, medical, industrial, and agricultural projects) in Egypt, which facilitates the imposition of agents’ implementation of a greater number of operations, expands their work circle, and opens them up to Doors to new specialties...